Tulum, Mexico

21 - 29 August 2020 &  04 - 12 December 2020

at Naga Tulum


 An Unforgettable, Transformative Experience 


CAELO Paris & Naga Tulum are coming together to create a unique, authentic and profoundly transformational experience for you.


7 nights and 8 days of Yoga, Mayan Healing, Nature Immersion, Live Music, Meditation, Sound Healing, Local Culture, & Cuisine in an intimate setting.

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August 21 - 29, 2020

December 4 - 12, 2020

CAELO Tulum Essence Retreat

Are you looking to make a change in your life? To find greater peace and purpose? To release old patterns and blockages that are holding you back? Or just simply to disconnect and fully restore your well being and vitality?


Join us in Tulum this December where everything you need to make that possible is at hand.

End your year in a meaningful way! Embark on a journey this December in magical Tulum for 8 transformational days diving deep into nature, your practice and yourself via a lovingly curated program steeped in ancient Mayan healing traditions, yoga, meditation, live music, sound medicine, local culture and cuisine.


Join CAELO & NAGA founders, Jennifer and Rafael along with Rafael’s family of local musicians, healers and artists for a life-changing transformative experience in one of the most beautiful and powerful spiritual destinations on the planet, Tulum.

You’ll enjoy: 

  • A restorative immersion deep in nature - communing, listening

  • Daily yoga practice gazing at the mysterious depths and stillness of the tranquil cenotes as you purify and energise body, mind & spirit

  • Living a simple life in a small and devoted community surrounded by the lush green wild of the jungle and mangroves, pulsating with life and sensing your own expansion

  • Silence

  • Long walks along breathtakingly beautiful white sand beaches being filled with a sense of peace and tranquility, 

  • Immersing yourself in turquoise waters - purifying, restoring your vital energy, letting go

  • Reigniting your intuition, inspiration and creativity 

  • A deeply meaningful experience of the sacred with indigenous healing ceremonies, allowing release of negative patterns, purification and reconnection to your true self, with a total revitalization of your physical, energetic and spiritual being.

Learn more about your daily yoga and healing program here.


We hope you’ll join us.


Your Tulum Hosts

Rafael Chaman


A passionate explorer of life , truth and Authenticity , Lover of Nature and Adventure , a Practitioner of Yoga and the Expansion of Consciousness, keeper of the fires, carrier of the prayer, guardian of the sacred.


Creator of Naga Tulum, Rafael has immersed himself in the learning and practice of Hatha Yoga through different systems such as : Dharma Yoga , Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar , Traditional Hatha Kundalini, Shivananda, Anusara, Yin and Daoist Yoga. In the search for the inner landscapes, he has explored The practices of Zhineng Qi gong and Daoist Qi gong, where he learned the language of Energy. His Devotion for the Mother Earth has led him to dance with the principles of Permaculture and the Native Indigenous wisdom of the Planet where he remembered the language of Nature.


His classes are Heart oriented, Spiritually inspiring and grounded in a deep knowledge of inner and outer alignment. Every action is a prayer, every posture is an offering while keeping the focus in a heart felt intention and the flow of spirit through the breath.


Through the Journey of this never ending process of exploration and growth his practice has found a systematic way that he likes to call The Dao of Yoga : A deep and Conscious flow to explore and cultivate embodiment and Awareness. He travels around the world following the call of the way as a student of the path sometimes taking the roll of the teacher sharing his heart in master clases, teacher trainings, gatherings immersions and retreats.Other times praying and dancing with the spirits of nature in ritual, ceremony and just flowing.

A life-long spiritual seeker with a zest for living, CAELO Mama, Montmartre based lunarian, lover of mantra, Sanskrit and Sound, believer in Magic, and miracles and devotee of the road less travelled. 


Founder of CAELO YOGA Paris, CAELO is the result of Jennifer’s desire to share her strong belief that yoga has the power change lives – both collectively and individually and to bring about transformation, healing and a greater sense of unity amongst all sentient beings. Her ultimate aim through all of her work and creations is for every student and seeker to feel supported on their own yogic journey and through this to connect with a greater sense of their own unique gifts, path and purpose in this life that comes through Self-realization. She hopes that each individual’s advancement on the path of Yoga will enable them to find a greater measure of peace and well-being within their own lives, while simultaneously realizing their unique ability to positively impact the lives of others.


Born in New York, and arriving in Paris by way of Los Angeles in 1990, Jennifer has been calling the City of Lights home for 29 years. Certified Jivamukti, Vinyasa & Yin yoga instructor, and entrepreneur, with Jennifer East & West coast and European influences, along with both Mexican and American family origins, merge and give rise to a desire to create an atmosphere and an experience of yoga that generates warmth, sharing, connection, joy and love for students - like a family. 


While running CAELO and teaching play an important part in her life, Jennifer considers herself above all to be a devoted student and inquisitive traveler on the path of yoga, continually seeking to further open heart and mind to the teachings. She is forever grateful to all of her teachers - human and otherwise - for their guidance support, at times trials, and inspiration. 


Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheswara, Guru Sakshat Param Brahma, Tasmai shri gurave namaha

Jennifer Ruiz


Your Essence Home in Tulum

A retreat space designed for the healing, awakening and expansion of human and planetary consciousness through an intimate connection with Nature. 


As entrusted guardians of this sacred ground, we trust that your time here will fill you with inner peace and magic as you more deeply remember and embrace your true self. Transfigured by the magical waters, enchanted by the lush mangroves, and nestled into your boutique suite, you can rest in true harmony and magnificent beauty.


Naga Residence is rooted amidst expansive native mangrove forest and its vast domain includes three wild and private cenotes whose magical healing waters gently restore our original innocence. Hand crafted in an enchanting and whimsical style, the Naga Residence is made of 95% local woods, and sources its electricity from the Sun. Each of its suites is graciously appointed with rich textiles and furnishings created by artisans from well selected corners of the world. It's a refined Oasis built to respect and revere Nature Herself.


During your stay, Naga and all of the adjacent grounds will be privatised for our group. You can enjoy different sitting and lounging areas including hammocks around the lush and tropical gardens, An indoor and an outdoor dining table , A sacred fire located at the heart of the space where guests can enjoy magical nights, under the stars and eventual rituals and ceremonies. At the edge of The Naga Residence you will find the secret entrance to Nagalaya, a vast natural ecosystem of primordial mangroves and pure natural waters. Discover our three pristine and private Cenotes hidden in the jungle. Take an unforgettable bath in these powerful waters as you maintain silence and listen deeply, there is much that the wildlife and hidden mystery of this land will reveal.

Naga Tulum is ideally situated directly off of the lush and peaceful South end of the Boca Paila - Tulum Beach Road. 

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Your Essence Journey





From 3pm: Arrivals and check in from 3pm

7pm: Evening Welcome Ceremony with Chanupa                (Mexican pipe) & fire circle with live music

8pm:Welcome Dinner 




7am: Alkalizing ritual

8am to 11am: Dao of Yoga Masterclass with Rafael 

11:30am Brunch


FREE TIME-  Beach + Cenote time, exploration, journaling, conversations with Nature, Tulum Beach Road or Public


4:00 - 5:15pm - Yin with Jennifer

6:00- 9:00 Temazcal Ceremony

9:30 Dinner (later due to Temazcal Ceremony)

DAY 3 


6;30am Coffee, Tea available 

7:45 - 9:15am Jivamukti Yoga with Jennifer 

9:30am Breakfast 


FREE TIME (snacks are available throughout the day and onsite lunch can be provided based upon request in the morning. There are also many affordable and interesting places to discover along the beach and Boca Paila)


4:00 - 6:00pm Qi gong workshop with Rafael ( understanding the language of energy ) 

7:30pm Dinner (if you would like at any time to not dine onsite please let us know the evening prior)

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The following days, the morning practice will alternate between
3 hour Masterclass sessions with Rafael and 90 minute Jivamukti 
practice with Jennifer. 

  • Late afternoon sessions will include: 2 workshops with Rafael, 2 Yin classes with Jennifer and a Sunset Yin (with Jennifer) and Sound Journey with local sound healers from the Naga Team 


  • 1 Afternoon Private Sian Ka'an Biosphere Boat Tour

  • 1 Sacred Cacao Ceremony on last night followed by a Closing Dinner Celebration 

  • There will also be the opportunity to make individual appointments with excellent local healers for one on one healing sessions

  • Throughout your stay the the afternoon workshops, or evening gatherings will include live music and many other magical surprises. 


There will a lot of time and space for integration and relaxation in nature, silent time, journaling time, and guided practices to go deep within so that you will be given a balance of intensive practice, learning, inner work and the freedom and time to have your own experience of this magical place and time.



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" Rituals and ceremonies have tremendous spiritual and healing power. They provide the frame in which mind, emotions, soul, and spirit become one, where the purification of Ch’ulel (life force) can be relieved and the invasive energy can be transformed; thus, healing take place."


Temazcal (Native American Sweat Lodge)

Temazcal, a Mayan word meaning “medicinal house,” is a powerful healing ritual that has been used by the Aztecs, Mayans and other Native Americans for centuries. In the temazcal, hot volcanic rocks are infused with healing waters to create a steam bath/sweat lodge atmosphere. This ancient process calls in the power of the four elements and uses sacred sounds in the traditional ceremony. Temazcal cleanses the body, mind and spirit.

On an emotional level, the temazcal can unveil traumas, fears and emotional stresses that are lodged within. Once they are released, you have an opportunity to raise your own energetic vibration, creating a sense of true peace and balance both within yourself and the universe.


“The ritual practice of the temazcalli is a profound journey of purification where we go back to the womb of the mother being, to be transformed by the Alchemy created by the cosmic dance of the elements and the presence of the Spirit Realm that comes to assist you in this process of being reborn. It is a tradition very close to the hearts and a big part of the work at Naga Tulum.”  - Rafael

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A Powerful Heart Opening Journey into Transformation through oneness, love and ecstasy

Cacao ceremonies have actually been around for thousands of years, originating and going all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in Central and South America. Used for spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes for inner awakening and creative guidance, pure cacao is used as a heart opening medicine for people to safely experience awakening, revelation and inner healing. Cacao is used in a sacred medicinal ritual, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves and the loving energy in our body. This shamanic healing therapy will help you to:

  • Release blocks, recognise patterns, follow your heart

  • Finding a connection to your highest self, your own power and truth

  • Enter into a meditative state, silencing the mind to connect to the wisdom and spirit within you

  • Balance the masculine and feminine energies in the body

  • Enhance your creativity

Go Deeper….


…Back to the source, of the earth, of your being,…


Synchronize yourself with the rhythms of Nature, as you follow her pulse, the golden thread that reconnects you to your divine Path and Purpose… a purpose encoded in every cell of your being…


Be still and remember. Listen.


Peel back the layers of false identity, release your fears and shed outdated self-limitations, to spark your Boundless Creativity and full Potential.


Open your Heart to ignite your Intuition 


Rediscover boundless Joy, as you expand your Awareness, embracing with awe and gratitude the infinite beauty of the natural world, receiving her generous gifts of deep inner Peace and Tranquility,


Release, Renew, Transform.


Your Spiritual Fuel


Vibrant Local Cuisine

Delicious & Healthy Organic Vegetarian Meals, prepared with love from Fresh local ingredients and showcasing Local Culinary Traditions. Full Breakfast & Dinner is provided onsite and healthy snacks are available throughout the day. Onsite lunch can be provided based upon request in the morning. There are also many affordable and interesting places to discover along the beach and Boca Paila or in the Pueblo as you explore the area during your free time.


Live Music

In addition to the Sunset Cenote Yin & Sound Healing Session, throughout your stay the the afternoon workshops, and/ or evening gatherings will include live music and many other magical surprises with Rafael's family of local musicians, artists & sound healers. 

Stay tuned for live video content being added here soon.

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Choose Your Room



Triple Eco-Luxury Lofts (40m2) Exquisitely furnished with private ensuite bathroom and outdoor living area, balcony and hammocks. 1 Double Bed, 2 Singles in each.The spacious indoor and outdoor areas allow for an unusual amount of space and privacy for a shared accommodation while remaining extremely affordable:

Choice of either: 

Condor Loft - Commune with the mangroves from the private balcony before being lulled to sleep by the gentle wind rustling the leaves.  Hand-crafted in a whimsical style, the property is made almost entirely of local woods, with electricity sourced from the sun.

Sunset Loft  - Watch the sky from the private balcony as it turns into a work of art, soak in the bath serenaded by birdsong, and be lulled to sleep by the gentle wind through the trees. This hideaway just above the treetops is flooded with light at sunset.

Early Bird - Summer 2020 : 21- 29 August
2100€ (2300 USD) 

by 15/03/2020

What's Included:

  • 7 Nights - 8 Days Accommodation 

  • 2 Mayan Healing Ceremonies, Temazcal and Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • Twice Daily Yoga & Workshops: Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Yin, Dao of Yoga Masterclass, Qi Gong, Meditation

  • Sian Ka'an Biosphere Private 4 Hour Boat Tour

  • A Sunset Cenote Yin & Sound Healing Session

  • Delicious & Healthy Organic Vegetarian Meals, prepared with Fresh local ingredients and featuring local culinary traditions


  • Live Music

  • Journalling 

  • Time in Nature: pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, lush jungle, mangroves and private cenotes

  • Free time to explore: archeological site of Mayan ruins, the Boca Paila beach zone with an abundance of shops, galleries, cafés, restaurants and bars & the authentic pueblo Tulum

Cosmic Nest Penthouse
Double Occupancy Panoramic Penthouse Suite with King Size bed for a couple, or 1 King and 1 double bed:


Float high above the tree tops in this astonishing cosmic repose with spectacular views. A private balcony offers 360-degree views of the lagoons and, jungle & the entire biosphere, stunning sunsets, moonrise, and a vast sky of endless stars in the outdoor living areas. Luxuriate in the king-sized bed, enjoy the private sitting area and walk-in closet. Benefit from an ensuite bathroom with an outdoor hot water shower to enjoy the stunning view al fresco. Charming, intimate, vast and powerful. (45m2) (2 people) 

Early Bird - Summer 2020 : 21 - 29 August

2450€ (2699 USD)

by 15/03/2020

Panoramic Penthouse Suite (Cosmic Nest)
Triple Eco-Luxury Lofts 
(Sunset Loft - Condor Loft)

Palm Leaf Cottage
Already reserved

Your Tulum Ecosystem